City of Milan

This is fictious rebranding of the City of Milan.
The concept starts from a key word: contrast. Milan has some architectures with straight lines and other ones with curves, some areas are overcoloured and others are totally grey, Milan is half new and half old. Following this idea, it has been developed an image based on complementary colours, half curvy and half angular elements, and vectors with raster.
Three slogans have been created playing on the fact that "mi" in Italian is the abbreviation of "Milan", but in English is "me": enjoy mi, live mi, discover mi. The font chosen for the image  is MTT Milano, because of its mix of shapes.
There are three levels of contrast: the logo mixes curvy and angular lines, the stationery has complementary colours, and the posters for the campaign mix rasters with vectors, to fuse the modern touch of contemporary graphics and the vintage taste linked to the chosen imagery.

Team Credits

Riccardo Carrara

  • Message
  • Communication Designer

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