Cleopatras Worldwide: Redesign

  • Alexandra (Lex) Hearth
  • Alex Bottenberg
  • Ross Ellis
  • Anthea Tapper

Creation of a new Visual Identity and Website for Digital Publication, Cleopatras Worldwide.

Cleopatras Worldwide is a digital magazine for today, focused on getting the most empowering and value-adding advice into the hands and hearts of ambitious women. Coming from a place of openness and inclusivity, we celebrate inquisitive minds and kind leadership. Named after the iconic Queen of Egypt, Cleopatras celebrates the power of the individual and femininity in all its forms.

Cleopatras Worldwide started, in a sense, as a place for exploration, during a time when I really wanted to learn about success. To understand how to progress in my career, in my relationships and in my thinking. As I began to research, I was (perhaps naively :/) surprised to find that the most valuable and honest advice was nearly always hidden in men’s spaces. When I looked further at women’s magazines, I began to feel a bit cheated. Why was I being told, “What to wear to nail that interview!” (clothes), when my male counterparts were being coached on how to prepare? There’s a great clip of an interviewer asking Robert Downey Jr (~3mins) about the complexity of his Avenger’s character and then saying “and to Scarlett [Johannson] did you adopt a special diet for the role?”. A rather silly moment from an interviewer which perfectly summarises the way we often direct male and female attention. There’s a lack of balance in the content that’s presented. A shortage of spaces where you can care both about serums and stocks. A space to encourage the self-development of powerful female leaders. I firmly believe in the power of female leadership and the potential of all women. I also believe that you can’t unlock equality in anything, until you have equality of information and education. We research and write to enable women’s lives. Lives fuelled by romantic ideas and practical responses to the challenges faced in leadership, careers, and life.
Twitter: @CleopatrasWW
Instagram: @CleopatrasWorldwide