Climate Optimist

  • Gretel Keyte

When people see messages about climate change, they are most frequently surrounded by doom and gloom. But why should that be the case?

the work.

A campaign launched at Climate Week 2017 in New York City to twist the narrative on climate change as we know it. Too often in media, we are hit with the negative side of climate change - which, while true, doesn’t have to be the way we approach it. There are thousands of scientists, researchers, communities and people making incredible and innovate moves every single day to help us control the climate. This campaign sheds light on this future, and asking audiences to ‘opt in’ and choose optimism with a simple copy device, using the word ‘because’ as a driver for the evidence.

I wrote the campaign manifesto and main messaging; video scripts for one minute, 30 second, and 15 second adverts; researched and develoed all ‘good news’ stories - the reasons why we can believe that climate change can be viewed positively; all social postings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook; printed posters; t-shirts; general website copy.

The Climate Optimist’s Manifesto

We must, we can and we will solve climate change. It’s that simple.
And that difficult.
Because the climate change challenge is so great and its consequences are so serious.
Which makes optimism essential. Because hope beats fear. It’s the attitude that inspires progress.
We behave, buy, vote and work for change because we are optimists. And our vocal optimism will take our actions even further. It will make others bold. Political action, business innovation, new investment and global transformation all become possible.
Optimism has always had this power. Humanity has eradicated diseases, overcome great injustices and even reached the stars because enough of us believed we could.
And when we succeed this time, we’ll solve more than climate change. Renewable energy means jobs. Solar energy can help free people from poverty. Cutting pollution benefits our health.
And we’re already doing this. Our optimism is fuelled by the new solutions, inventions and daily efforts from individuals and organisations across the world.
Each of us must face climate change in our own way. We choose belief in a better future. We choose action. We choose hope.
Solving climate change starts with the belief that we can. We are climate optimists. Opt In.