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  • Alex Buchan
  • Jacob Beckett
  • Jacob Beckett
After completing a short internship with London design studio Vitamin London, I was hired on a full-time basis as their resident artist, with my main responsibility being the organisation and execution of their annual exhibition entitled "Clinic". Vitamin Clinic is a annual curated extension of Vitamin London’s work values and ethos. Vitamin strives for unconventional thinking, creatives approaches, innovative artistry, and articulate craftsmanship. Clinic is a physical manifestation of Vitamin's conceptual ideas and progression into the future. The night was curated to communicate our interface culture; endless interaction through screens, cameras and sensors. Pursuing the most natural experience, technology is paradoxically engineering itself into transparency. Through a collaborative multi-sensory experience, Clinic unveiled unique artworks, designs, and immersive installations demonstrating the bridging of these two worlds.
Vitamin Clinic gained partnership with The London Design Festival and The Oxo Tower in Southwark, where it was hosted. To make the space our own, we constructed an 8 room immersive tunnel to host 8 different individual immersive installations, entitled "The Infrastructure". We also had a "reception room", hosting smaller-scale and still image-based artworks, as well as a bar and our DJ booth. I decided to host two special late-night openings, soundtracked by renowned underground DJs (who's values aligned with the exhibition), to add another level of celebration for the artworks and artists hosted. We attracted over 1000 people to attend the exhibition in total.  
Curating and producing this exhibition was the steepest learning curve I have ever experienced. I was able to learn an abundance of new skills and insights into the organisation of such a large event. From scouting the artists, to liaising with agents, to gaining sponsorship & partnerships, to creating promotional materials, I was involved in nearly all aspects of the event. I can't thank Vitamin London enough for giving me such a grand opportunity to learn so much. 


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