Alex Buchan

Alex Buchan

artist | designerLondon, United Kingdom
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Alex Buchan

Alex Buchan

artist | designerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
An interdisciplinary multimedia artist and designer. I wish to utilise my background in concept-driven enterprises, ranging from art installations to exhibition curation & creation, to branch out into the world of UX Design.
  • In/Out, 2016
    In/Out, 2016In Norfolk, the landscapes are wide; the sky is an open expansion of textured clouds imitating a mountainous terrain; or a flawless spread of blue to compliment the endless green surrounding; or a deep blackness complete with crowded diamonds filling the sky. Everything is so open and free, which, I believe, is a massive contrast to the urban spectacle that is the capital city, London. In London, the buildings are tall, glamorous, intimidating, brutal, polished and blinding. The gleaming, shiny, constructed buildings congregate toward the wealth, and the more monotonous architecture is seen further out, hosting the vast amount of human cogs that keep the London system running. These buildings create the smallest of living areas, and houses that were once suitable for a family are continually being converted into 4 separate apartments, accommodating only the basic needs for each tenant. Needless to say, there are not many open areas within London; fields are surrounded by evidence of human enterprise; no wide landscapes without a building in sight; no untouched areas.  ​ London is a self-contained entity, full of opportunity and ambition. Whatever your interests, you can find like-minded people or relevant events to expand yourself and learn more about the world, however, the crowded urban civilisation has no chance to be on one’s own self. Freedom is emulated within London through its hosting of diverse culture and opportunities, but this freedom is supervised and overseen by tools of control and power. Everywhere we go, there is an authoritarian presence, a mechanical eye is always watching, there are many restricted areas that require a specific card or identity to enter, certain groups and trends gravitate toward certain events, and there is a pressure to fit the crowd values (although this is reinforced by long-standing cemented social norms). Are we free? Comparing these factors of London with Norfolk, a small, quiet county where, stereotypically, everyone knows one another and not many people leave the area they were born in, it becomes quite obvious how different the two places are. Norfolk holds values that are the opposite to London’s freedom, but also oppose London’s control, creating freedom in that respect.  ​ My piece creates dramatic irony between the audience and the model. The model is cramped inside the self-contained box (London) and behind them is the expansive and attractive landscape, full of natural forms and pleasantry. As viewers, we feel sympathy for the enclosed and oblivious subject. From viewing the images, we learn that when one breaks through the illusion,  recognises the misconceptions, and desires more, freedom can be expressed and experienced, and life outside the box can be perceived.
  • Clinic //2
    Clinic //2After completing a short internship with London design studio Vitamin London, I was hired on a full-time basis as their resident artist, with my main responsibility being the organisation and execution of their annual exhibition entitled "Clinic". Vitamin Clinic is a annual curated extension of Vitamin London’s work values and ethos. Vitamin strives for unconventional thinking, creatives approaches, innovative artistry, and articulate craftsmanship. Clinic is a physical manifestation of Vitamin'
  • Perfection as a Paradox, 2018
    Perfection as a Paradox, 2018The installation, imagined as a space of 'perfection', is inspired by the values traditionally attached to the minimalist design philosophy. The project's conceivement first began with a trip to Naoshima Island, Japan. Work from artists such as James Turrell, Tadao Ando, Lee Ufan, Walter De Maria, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Rei Naito sparked the beginning of the project. Through self-study, observation, research, and exploration, the work uses minimalist design strategy to attempt to convey and stimulate similar messages and feelings captured at Naoshima Island.  ​ Within the piece, the work contradicts the impossible values set by the concept of perfection, a prevalent motif in contemporary minimalist design. Whilst attempting to achieve perfection, naturally, obstacles of imperfection and blemishes emerged. Through the artist's ultra-perfectionist personality, meticulous planning and construction proved ineffective at avoiding imperfection - an inevitable feature of trying to achieve perfection. The idea of perfection being an impossible achievement appears here, as well as comfort with one's own constraints. ​ The installation features a VR element. Within the VR, we see a 'perfect' version of the work surrounding the viewer. This acts as a demonstration of the artist's idea that the concept of perfection is encouraged by current technologies. For example, the computer is a machine of perfection to the artist. Meticulous design, nano-technology, teams of development, and the abundance of infinite information render the machine an idol of perfection. Technology also inspires perfection in other ways, such as the illusions broadcast through social media accounts, with the majority of users considering design and aesthetics in what they produce. More information and the artist's inspiration can be found through the writings of Lev Manovich. 
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  • Clinic//2
Work history
    Vitamin London logo
    Vitamin London logo
    ArtistVitamin London
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Vitamin London is a digital innovation studio who partner with ambitious companies to build human solutions. With a small, progressive and dedicated team Vitamin help clients ranging from start-ups to large organisations with a vast array of work from apps to e-commerce. - First responsibilities included assisting with the 3D development of promotional videos - Main role was being the chief curator for Clinic //2; Vitamin's annual art & technology exhibition. I secured partnership with the London Design Festival, negotiated on attaining The Oxo Tower as our hosting venue, and creating a successful artistic exploration whilst promoting brand awareness and hosting artists that have now progressed to an international level.
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    BA (Hons) Contemporary Media PracticeThe University of Westminster
     - London, United Kingdom
    - Course content includes working with the latest technologies to produce progressive art and media. (2015) Research and Critical Practice (2015) Contemporary Media Theory 1: Producers and Consumers (2015) Contemporary Media Theory 2: Representing Space and Time (2015) Exploring Interactive Media (2016) Media Frontiers (2016) Critical Perspectives on Media (2016) Convergent Media (2016) Live Projects: Curating Commissions and Work Experience (2016) Transmedia Practices (2016) Research and Synthesis (2017) Exploration and Pre-Production (2017) Dissertation CMP (2017) Professional Launchpad (2017) Major Project CMP