Close Watch - Project powered by i-D Italy and Polimoda

  • Alessandra Mercuri
Keep a Close Watch on i-D                                                                    Since i-D is constantly reinventing itself and has built its reputation on being a significant source of inspiration in fashion culture, Close Watch comes from the idea of a girl trapped in the cover, who represents i-D identity itself, that wants to escape from the magazine.  The girl feels the need to rediscover her identity, to get out, being constantly inspired to do new things, and keeping an eye on what there is outside and what is going on around the world.  Close Watch wants to highlight that i-D is not a magazine stuck on the surface. Breaking the cover as a symbol of moving away and go beyond the repetitiveness, sometimes boring, of the same old stories. close watch to explore  close watch to go forward  close watch to innovate  close watch to get i-D model Greta Langianni photographer Zhujun Gao special thanks to Kristina Gussakova Alternalab Studio Co-Owners: Zhujun Gao, Arianna Marino


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