CMP - 2 Courvoisiers Later (Feat. Dremar) [ A&R, Music Management + Press]

  • Keys ( Keah) Pownall

Dremar is an up-and-coming artist from Newham, East London who is managed by myself. In his debut future single, I supported on the strategy and execution of the single release, inclusive of the styling direction, promotion, social media management, production, logistics alongside the A&R strategy & press outreach.

Emerging producer CMP announces his debut single with the release of ‘2 Courvoisier’s Later’ (2CL) featuring up and coming artist Dremar.

CMP, a versatile producer that has a plethora of talent that he uses to create a unique and unorthodox pocket of beats and production. In CMP’s artistry, he is often influenced by his surroundings and takes inspiration from the likes of Timberland, Pharrell, Dready, Metro Boomin, and the Fanatix - drawing on his own personal experiences to produce his authentic sound.

On 2CL Dremar shows off his penmanship paired with his unmissable cheeky innuendos. The rapper’s bars and flow is reminiscent of gritty old-school UK underground rappers. Whilst still managing to produce a classic summer feel-good anthem.

Both CMP (producer) and Dremar (Artist) were born and raised in Newham, East London. They grew up on Grime music which doesn’t go unnoticed in this track and for the familiar ear as the influence of the genre shines through.

In their very first session together, 2CL was born and showcased their brilliant producer/artist chemistry.
An excellent debut single that brings all the vibes and showcases the UK’s newest emerging talent CMP and Dremar.