Coca-Cola First Love

  • Mauricio Tonon
This project is an interactive platform where the objective is to minimize the negative perception of their consumers in social media. The idea was to bring a content that can be informing and interesting while at the same time focusing on ingredients and integrity of a coke. In this way, we can use this content as an awareness material about the creative process of producing a bottle of coke.

The cool thing about this project is that it merges digital content with a film to create a new immersive experience to lead the users to their full confidence in the brand.

It was a challenge to maintain the brand guidelines but also to create a new aesthetic the breaths Coca-Cola but also refreshes it.

Role: Senior Visual Designer

Work Done:
- Created the visual language
- Selected the photographs and the aesthetics
- Made the UX decisions for the project
- Constructed the UX flow and the user journey