Colour World Live Demonstration

  • Norman Boulton
Colour World is powered by the Respect brand which has been informing, educating and inspiring hairdressers for five years at Launched in 2016, the Colour World UK event began with a two-day gathering in London focusing on sharing and inspiring colourists of all ages and stages, in an anti-zoo environment. This means all coming together on one level – no stages, no barriers, no limits! The freedom of expression and opportunity to exchange ideas and contacts has proved invaluable.
One of the highlights of my year so far, was to be asked to do a 2 hour live demonstration of my colouring skills at Colour World - an all day event in a super cool trendy East London warehouse and only the best colourists were invited so I was extremely honoured to even be there!
At 21 I would never have imagined I would be doing these types of jobs! As my first presentation gig with a big crowd, it was sll super exciting, and whilst I was no Beyonce on stage I definitely felt the pressures of having to be constantly sharing information, talking to the audience all whilst working on a very complex colour (which is not easy in itself!)