Commonwood Vineyard Logo and Rebranding

  • Tony Clarkson

Commonwood Vineyard will be 20 years old in 2022. For 19 of those years, Commonwood will have used a watercolour dragonfly as their emblem, abundant in their rural setting; they asked for the dragonfly to be referenced in the new branding. However, our finding was that if we focus on the wings, it looks like we've pulled one apart. If we stick with an illustration, it resembles Victorian anatomy drawings, so no.

To fit in with their plans for organic farming methods and minimal manipulation, we stepped back from technology and produced the identity by hand.

We simplified the dragonfly to fit in with the inked texture of the wordmark, illustrating a representation using just three lines to create a potent symbol for the brand.
The incidental nod to a rural signpost led us to a new tagline: deep in the middle of f*cking nowhere.