COMMUNITY + BUSINESS: fabricage, using creativity to empower people


Using creativity to empower people and contribute to a society for all ages!
FabricAge is a new unique fabric design label which emphasises on the active participation of the elderly and traditional crafts, bringing together the arts and crafts of textile design with the tangible and intangible heritage of our culture. FabricAge will facilitate communities of all ages to come together, to connect through creativity, to gain meaning and to become visible to society. The label will develop high-end one-of-a-kind textile designs, based on the wishes and preferences of clients, visualised by talented designers, crafted by experts, and collectively created by the senior community. Each design and process will be tailor-made, giving participants the opportunity to be part of a challenging, educational, social and creative experience, and enabling them to contribute to a unique design. This can range from an outspoken textile art object to an eye-catching wall decor.
5 designers, 6 senior crafts experts and over more than 175 seniors took part in the creation of the first FabricAge designs.
I developed the Concept & Brand Strategy of the social enterprise FabricAge, as well as the website format. FASHIONCLASH and Tout Maastricht were responsible for the excecution and project organisation.
Photos: Sem Shayne + Karen Kikkert


Janne Baetsen

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