Community Management and Creative Role for Converse London

  • Imi Read
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Between April and July of 2019, I had the pleasure of working alongside Anyways Creative Agency on the founding, curation and management of Converse's London-based creative initiative.

@converse_london was founded to provide a platform of creativity, connection and community. From it's launch, the platform championed young, rising, London-based creatives in their creative fields and projects.

During my time as Community Manager for the account, I was responsible for the creation of content for two major events: Converse Reimagined (an immersive retail experience in SOHO) and Converse Renew (a sustainably focused pop-up in Coals Drop Yard), alongside content creation surrounding the Converse Spark Progress campaign.
We brought people together through immersive workshops and educational experiences such as designer walkthroughs, customisation workshops and panel talks.
At every opportunity, we collaborated with thriving creatives. Beginning with championing the members of Converse's Spark Progress campaign, continuing the ethos of collaboration by hosting monthly logo collaborations and holding community based opportunites at all events, birthed by @converse_london's growing community.
For each major event, I was tasked with conceptualising a creative social strategy from briefing to final digital publishing. All content was hosted by @converse_london, and built to educate, engage and inform London's cultural youth scene.
Whithin the Anyways Creative team, I took on a multi-disciplinary role in strategising, creating and executing bold ideas through writing briefs, birthing concepts and commisioning creatives; whilst practicing videogrpahy, graphic design, social media management, weekly content engagement analysis and copy writing.


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