Concept + Brand Identity Design: Casa Juno

  • Lucie de Maid

Casa Juno is a passion project birthed from several passions of mine: branding, interior design and food. I am huge foodie and a lover of a good drinking establishment so I wanted to create a hospitality concept that incorporated these. I created this concept after coming across an image of an interior space designed by one of my favourite interior designers, Andres G (see link below). He creates incredibly inspiring and inventive spaces for retail and hospitality brands. I wanted to create a concept based off this image and create a visual identity for somewhere I would very much like to go. The space felt contemporary, vibrant yet stylish and I wanted to create an identity reflecting this whilst also adding a sense of playfulness. When approaching this project, I asked myself the following questions: - What audience would this place attract? - What dishes would be served here? - What does the drinks menu look like? - What tone of voice should be used? - What type of music experience would this place offer? After some brainstorming and development, I envisaged this concept to serve stylish small plates, truffled dishes, oysters and serve cocktails and the increasingly popular orange wine. I subsequently wanted to create some brand offerings that would attract the creative, trendy audience. These were: 'Orange Wednesdays' - A mid-week happy hour offer aiming to attrach customers after work by offering discounted bottles of orange wine. 'Orange Wednesdays' being a playful spin on the marketing term used by a popular mobile network that millenials would be familiar with. 'Oyster Cards' - A loyalty card scheme just like when you grab your coffee stamps from your local coffee shop but much more boujie. This is another playful spin, this time using Transport for London's travel card term to add a fun brand touchpoint that increases customer loyalty whilst adding that playful element we are looking to incorporate within the visuals and tone of voice. I also designed a set of social media graphics and soon plan to add a website mockup. I had lots of fun working on this and having a strong passion in interiors, would really love to work on some IRL hospitality and retail projects. DISCLAIMER: Some images used in the socials are not my own and have been used for visual example purposes. The interior space in the photo has been designed by the talented Andres G, who can be found here: