Condé Nast - Video Identity

  • Joel Kitzmiller

With the introduction of a brand new video team and as part of an internal digital overhaul, we worked with Condé Nast to help launch their video channels. Condé Nast Video was formed to help strategically guide and launch video channels for all publications. We were tasked with developing an identity system and assets for this new internal brand. Working on everything from a new typographic system and custom iconography to helping with the commercial deck and designing templates for their internal sales teams. After the project we stayed on board, working on all internal show idents as well as on special commercial projects between the video team and special partners.

CNV Brand System
A comprehensive set of guidelines and templates were developed for use internally by non-designers to ensure the highest standards were adhered to whenever the CNV brand was in front of clients.
As much of the brand's work was to be B2B and insights were such an important part of the offer, consistent and easy use of iconography was an essential ingredient of the system. The icons were categorised to help sales teams easily find and use the right visuals at the right time.