'Connection Lost' - Greenpeace

  • Thea Hamrén

As the covid-19 situation turned everything upside down Greenpeace were hit hard, just as many other charities and organisations, seeing a massive drop in donations resulting in important long-term projects coming to a halt. First Lady jumped on a quick turnaround rapid response brief from Greenpeace Nordics, looking at how we could engage people to continue their support for Greenpeace's work with animals around the globe. Within 5 working days our social fundraising campaign 'Connection Lost' was launched. A call (literally, a video call) for people to show empathy and solidarity with all living creatures on our planet, in times of crisis. The campaign was quickly picked up by markets all over the globe, from Greenpeace international to Brasil, Japan, Russia, the UK, and more, being picked up and shared virally. The campaign continue to raise funds for Greenpeace's work that is more important than ever.