This work is being presented by AARDMANN
"11-11: MEMORIES RETOLD" is a story-driven narrative adventure set during World War 1 with a unique painted style that delivers an entertaining experience unlike anything before. Developed by Aardman and DigixArt, in partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, 11-11: MEMORIES RETOLD allows players to explore various scenes that could come just as well from a genuine painting, as shown in the trailer. With its unique painted style, the story of 11-11: MEMORIES RETOLD is inspired by true events. Players experience two sides of a complex historical event that will confront them with the realities of war. This includes facing the dramatic consequences of World War I both at the front and the rear, while trying to preserve their humanity for their loved ones.
Available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC from November 9th.
This work is by Axel MORIN. They are represented by FRENZY.
Axel Morin is a photographer / director with a powerful vision of deeply aesthetic imagery and a unique storytelling ability. Inspired by the urban culture of his youth, he discovered his passion for photography in his early ages. He uses bold compositions with a contemporary vision. His sought-after style is a blend of timeless sophistication with a fresh, provocative interpretation.
Apple shot on Iphone X . Paris Lyon Marseille
As part of its campaign Shot on Iphone to demonstrate its video quality, Apple showcases french urban culture through 3 films and photographies made entirely with iPhone X by Axel Morin. In black and white aesthetics, the films capture the spirit of the three largest cities in France: Paris, Lyon and Marseille offering a contemporary vision on a hip-hop soundtrack with unreleased artists Lomepal, Chilla and Reef for their city of heart, Paris, Lyon, and Marseille.
This work is being presented by AARDMANN.
The campaign originally featured DFS employees drawn from the sofa firm’s three UK factories in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. It was designed to shine the spotlight on the hard work, technique and artistry of the DFS team who hand-make customer orders all year round.
‘Time to Snuggle Up’ evolves this campaign and continues our long running partnership with DFS and krow communications.
Each of the characters were constructed out of a core metal armature and different fabrics with each one taking approximately five weeks to make. Using stop frame animation creates an authentic handcrafted world that reinforces the handcrafted nature of each DFS sofa built.
This work is being presented by FCINQ.
In October 2018, YouTube launches its new BtoB campaign.
While YouTube is now well-identified for branding campaigns, this campaign was created to prove their effectiveness on sales as well.
Thanks to numerous case studies that YouTube developed over the years, we have been able to create a campaign bringing together tangible results for several advertisers.
We brought back our 2016 concept by placing the camera from the device perspective: we prove that YouTube users are not passive viewers but active consumers. Therefore, they are "more than just viewers", that leverage the power, compared to other media.
This campaign has been rolled out in multiple online and offline formats, and experimented a new type of tactical deployment on YouTube : the "Video Ad Sequencing". Our final goal was to redirect the B2B users on the platform, showcasing many case studies and various knowledge to help creating better campaigns.
This work is presented by UNIT 9.
To introduce Gatorade’s new active water to the world, UNIT9 developed a completely new technology capable of generating a visual and literal representation of an active water. The ingenious installation combines art, photography and science to synchronize tiny droplets of G-Active so that together they form a character that jumps, runs and even kicks a punching bag. The end result is both stunning and quite poetic.
In order to pull this off, Gatorade created an intricate water rig from scratch, using mostly custom parts. The rig releases thousands of millimetric G-Active droplets in a millisecond forming a 3-D character. This rig is synchronized with a lighting system, which is also synchronized with a large-format digital camera that captures the frames and generates a stop-motion animation of this human-like water character coming to life. It was all done for real, with no tricks.
This work is by Giles REVELL. They are represented by SUPERVISION.
Giles REVELL (b. 1965) is a London based conceptual art photographer working internationally on print, motion, and integrated campaigns. As a master of many mediums, both physical and digital, Giles walks the line between craft and aesthetic goals, creating naturally graphic, visually arresting and conceptual images.
Renowned for his attention to detail and ability strip away the unnecessary, he reveals the elements of an idea, allowing it to become clear. His specialty is working backwards from a concept to help define the best means to accomplish creative goals. Much of this collaborative commercial work has come from ongoing personal exploration projects. Giles’s non-commercial artwork is represented internationally by Michael Hoppen Gallery in London.
Today we present you with Giles REVELL’s intricately engineered body of work commissioned by the newly revamped Royal Opera House in London. Revell utilized a revolutionary new imaging process capturing both the shape and colour of movement while encapsulating the emotional intensity of the art form.
This work is presented by JN PRODUCTION.
Campaign to launch the Platinum+ Styler. The campaign brings to life the definition of ghd – good hair day by celebrating the variety of ‘queens’ in today’s society who want to look and feel good. The cast includes a new mum, a successful new homeowner, an employee of the month and the importance of salon. Shot by Charlotte Rutherford in London.
This work is presented by JUST SO.
The Brief: Help Red Bull to engage a new younger audience.
Our Insight: Audience research showed Red Bull’s aspirational athletes and extreme sports content were not relatable to many young people. We wanted to build a campaign that showed sporting success doesn’t require money, support or special treatment.
What we did: We used Real Story Network to find athletes from diverse backgrounds with incredible stories and created a content series ‘Way of the Wildcard’, for Red Bull TV and YouTube .  The series was supported with a Facebook format, 'Halfway Point' focussing on mental fitness and an Instagram series, 'Wildcard Fitness'  showing how to work-out with limited equipment.
Outcome: The series launched on Sky News and gained national press coverage. View through, engagement and positive sentiment among target audience exceeded KPIs.  Red Bull’s founder personally requested a second series. Nominated for a Grierson Award (first brand nomination since 1972).
This video is by SMITH & FOULKES. They are represented by NEXUS STUDIOS.
A bold and exhilarating animated 2D film created by Nexus Studios’ duo Smith & Foulkes in collaboration with Y&R London is at the centre of the BBC’s ‘The Fearless are Here’ campaign that heralds the arrival of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Via the thrilling and abstract journey of a luger, skier, curler, snowboarder, ski jumper and ice skater, the film depicts the psychological and physical obstacles Winter Olympics athletes face in their quest to be the best in the world.
This work is by Toby TREMLETT. They are represented by SHORTFILMS.
Fun, irreverent and punchy, it deliberately treads the line between a ‘conventional’ approach to beauty and an edit more in line with music videos to create an appeal to the brand's youthful market. The execution reflects the idea of flipping through the images on the brand's Instagram page in a fun and spontaneous representation of the core promise of So…? Fragrance.
Our girl is modern, empowered and unashamedly irreverent in her engagement with the consumer. We like to call it Beauty Punk.
As a brand with multiple products and no previous films online, the brief was non-conventional, as the requirement was a film not only illustrating the specific product, but also a visual representation of the overall brand identity.
This work is by Run FISKER. They are represented by AGENT PEKKA.
Made in collaboration with BBC Creative, ‘The Tapestry’ is the launch film for the BBC’s 2018 FIFA World cup marketing campaign. Working with The London Embroidery Studio, the team have modernised a traditional tapestry technique by creating a dynamic film in which every single frame has been individually embroidered, creating over 600 unique tapestries.


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