• Aistė Jauraitė
  • Mergim Ozdamar
This work is presented by CREATIVE BLOOD.
Released on 6th September 2018, this cinematic video consists of five scenes that depict the secret fantasies of each Parcel, in a world where morals and decency are replaced by debauchery and decadence driven by fame and money.
Shot on 35mm, all characters were filmed in exaggerated poses to create a sense of narrative, yet nobody moves, rendering life into surreal theatrics. The only movement comes from the camera and the lighting.
This shows Creative Blood’s commitment to collaborate and produce for artists who love to think and create ‘outside of the box’.
This work is presented by FREESTUDIOS.
"Somewhere in life’s journey, one perceives that every myth has an origin”. This is how starts the historical voyage of Jaeger-JeCoultre, a film that highlights the constant quest for the equilibrium towards perfection. A gracious mixture of video and graphic design, and an original combination of practical information and emotion, every sequence of the film aims to resolve a challenge to arrive to this equilibrium, and deliver Jaeger’s myth into a modern legend.
This work is presented by STUDIO PRIVATE.
Director Harley Weir captures an exquisite Italian House brought to life again with laughter and playfulness through Ferragamo’s patchwork of party guests from around the globe.
Celebrating diversity and individuality under the Ferragamo aesthetic of dynamic colour, rich texture and flowing silhouettes, we worked with both Art Partner and Laird & Partners to create over 100 character and product assets.
Shot on 16mm film we naturally wanted to bring that same credibility to look development and grade in complimenting Harley Weir’s realist’s eye, distinct voice and analogue authenticity. While contemporary users of this stylised look have fallen into an interpretation leaving film looking flat, we loved that the campaign could accommodate a refreshing rich and dreamy finish that effortlessly feels both then and now.
Our methodology became much closer to 70s / 80s film manufacturers expectations on similar film stock utilising the full tonal range from rich blacks all the way to (nearly) off-the-chart highlights, the film texture grounding the bold colour in the mid-tones while title animations were kept simplistic and linear with a contemporary oversized stamp.
Grade, Titles & Motion Retouch by Studio Private
This work is by Jenn NKIRU. They are represented by ICONOCLAST.
Visionary songwriter Neneh Cherry launched her fifth solo album “Broken Politics” produced by Four Tet.  The gripping title track “Kong”, co-written by 3D from Massive Attack, serves to introduce an outward looking theme of “Broken Politics”, through which Neneh synthesises the personal and the political.  As part of this, she tackles the European refugee crisis from the perspective of a displaced person forced to leave their normality behind in the search of perceived safety with ruinous effects.
The Swedish singer-songwriter paired the song with minimalist, slow-moving visuals from Peckham artist and director Jenn Nkiru - a fast rising star of the art and film world. The visuals mirror the slow and purposeful movement of the song itself and features stunningly intimate portraits of powerful women. The video snaps back and forth between shots of swaying dancers and Cherry singing.  Recurring images of her bare skin spattered with white paint, alongside her biting and dignified gaze, demands the viewer carefully considers the narrative of the song. “Bite my head off/ Steal my world/ We’ll always be another risk worth taking.” are lines that are supported visually, making them unmissable and unforgettable to the listener.
This work is by Laure BERNARD. They are represented by C'EST LA VIE.
Laure Bernard started her career in the photography industry at KEITH magazine for an extended period of time she contributed to fashion editorials and artist portraits.
Gradually she would move deeper into fashion and publicity campaigns, regularly collaborating with ELLE magazine in Paris and Bangkok, and for L’OFFICIEL France and Morocco. Her latest campaigns were made for Guerlain, Bompard, Undiz.
Her first book, Build Me Up, acclaimed upon its publication in 2013, is the fruit of a six-year research expedition and total immersion in the world of boxing, ranging from Thailand to Cameron, as well as India, France and Turkey.
Build Me Up, published by Editions Verlhac, was prefaced and presented by Agnès b.
She has also added to her work some film directing since 2008 for fashion, music videos and advertising.
She lives and works in Paris
This work is by Nicholas Alan COPE. They are represented by WALTER SCHUPFER MGMT.
Nicholas was born in Takoma Park, Maryland and started taking photographs as a teenager. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and began studying photography at Art Center College of Design in 2004. His time is now split between a series of personal projects and a growing commercial practice. He also works in collaboration with creative director Dustin Arnold on a number of his projects as well as an ongoing publication of their own creation. Nicholas has been the recipient of numerous awards as well as inclusion in PDN’s 30 in 2011.
This work is presented by PUNDERSONS GARDENS.
By far the most playful of Adidas' lines, Adicolour has been relaunched only a handful of times since the 1980s. The film features Very Sad Models in Very Bright Rooms, listing off some of the more abstract semiotics of colour. Taking subtle cues from the Sad Boy cultural movement,  we were briefed to come up with scenarios that were perfectly absurd when paired with models that looked less than thrilled to be there: peacock topiary; in a hail of tennis balls; with an eight-foot teddy bear. 
This work is presented by PUNDERSONS GARDENS.
Drawing heavily from Glam Rock and the media that surrounded it, Gucci DIY looked at a young pinball wizard who, while wearing Gucci products, felt like he took on certain rock-star qualities. drawing crowds, being chased by adoring fans, and inspiring all kinds of teenage hysteria. However, as we find out in the final scene, the fantasy – as persuasive as it seems – is just as quickly replaced with reality. 
This work is by Quentin JONES. They are represented by RIDLEY SCOTT CREATIVE GROUP.
Dior ‘Ultra Rouge’ was all about the graphic, red lip on the modern, fun-spirited girl in a graphic, creative space with echoes of Warhol’s ‘Factory’, yet in the digital era. Director, Quentin Jones played with the idea of moving, film negatives and scratchy, lo-fi interference in contrast with the crisp, beauty images. She shot in simple sets of black, white and red and stayed within this palate in post.  
This work is by Thibaut GREVET. They are represented by FRENZY
It all comes from passion for Thibaut Grevet, 26 years old director, AD and photograph - it’s by filming and capturing moments of his life that he starts his career in visual media. His work is imbued with a modern and elegant artistic direction, a distinctive attraction for striking imagery and his affection to portrait real people.
Nike x Matthew M Williams x Nowness
Nike has joined forces with New York-based designer Matthew M Williams for a new collaboration that uses data to enhance performance. In this collaboration with NOWNESS, directed by Thibaut Grevet, the power and versatility of the collection is embodied by the intense training movement of two dancers, choreographed by contemporary talent Leo Walk.


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