Constructed feeling (Photo Art)

Constructed feeling series: The choice of a building’s construction, its material and its structure, has a direct effect on the emotional character of its spaces. Although discussions of construction often centre on issues of performance and technique, ultimately construction is about appearance. We can never predict what someone’s reaction to a building will be, some prefer characterful ugliness to calculated perfection but we for sure have an experience of a structure, what is at the core of it? What feelings do we get when for example we walk around ancient buildings? Tanausu explores how we need to experience architecture by sensing its spaces, listening to it, touching it and even sitting quietly inside buildings with our eyes closed, but our minds’ eyes wide open. Imagining how they were experienced in the past, how they are experienced now, with a childlike curiosity and wonderment. In these series, Tanausu explores how architecture confronts us and communicates with us on an emotional and spiritual as well as visual and intellectual level. Buildings and spaces demonstrate the power of architecture to affect our emotions in remarkable ways, heightening our experience of a given building. Images appear with exposed pixels in a way to show the parallels between what lies beneath a digital photograph, what constructs an Image and the questions that arise while exploring architecture, what is it made of? What lies beneath? What is the story? In an attempt to go deeper into its construction. These Images offers a hint of a world of architecture that might excite the senses of anyone adventurous enough to look afresh at buildings, an open exploration to reimagine architecture for themselves.

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