Contiki Find your People: Europe Summer 2020 launch

  • Gabriella Chaudhri

What happens when 9 strangers from across the globe meet in Europe to road-test Contiki's new train based product? Love, laughs, unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. The main focus for this campaign was authenticity: we wanted to authentically represent our new, unprecedented Contiki train trips; we wanted to authentically capture the amazing experiences our travellers can do on them; but we also needed to capture those genuine, funny, or silly in-between moments that occured between the travellers. We always strive to relate to our global audience, so we chose 9 influencers: 2 from the USA, 2 from Asia, 1 from the UK, 1 from New Zealand, 2 Australians and a Canadian. We chose them for their genuine personalities, shared passion for travel and active engagement with their audience - not just because they had lots of followers. The nature of the production was also crucial: we didn’t want it to be like standard travel videos where everything has the glossy sheen of inauthenticity. We wanted to evoke that raw, personable feel of travellers capturing things firsthand and sharing them with their friends. The final edit intercuts between content created by our production crew to content captured on the influencer’s phones, with the influencers and crew constantly breaking the 4th wall and chatting like old friends. Everything is unscripted, and we found that the most powerful content came from the influencers simply reacting to the surprising things they encountered in Rome, Cinque Terre and Nice. We know that the reason our travellers bond so quickly on a Contiki trip is because there’s something about travel that brings people together. We were confident that the range of social experiences on offer would allow friendships to blossom, and we were proven right. The influencers bonded through history, through food, through yoga - and by the end of the story you can see how they’ve gone from strangers on a train to a close-knit crew. They ‘found their people.’ Managed video and stills production. Shot by Pinzutu films.


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