Contiki Movement

  • Lottie Norman

Travel and music have always been the best of friends. From road trips that just wouldn’t be the same without the playlists, to evenings that just wouldn’t be the same without the dance floor. So we’re building something. A call to co-ordinated arms, if you will. A movement. And to launch it all, we’re following some top dancers as they take Contiki’s London Explorer trip and tell the story of social travel. Think of it as a London travel guide (but a LOT more fun). It won’t just make you want to visit London. It’ll make you want to get moving. No matter where you are in the world, get moving, share your skills and you’ll be a Contiki star for a day. And you won’t just get applause, you’ll get some pretty sweet prizes, too. We move together. We Travel.Together. And it’s the moments that make memories. Ready to join the Contiki movement? #contikimovement