Contiki Pack My Bags - Alexa Voice Skill

We know it can be hard to know what to pack sometimes. You look at your holiday itinerary and decide you need 7 outfits. Then you try and pack 32, just to be safe, along with hair straighteners, a kettle and your dog. But don’t panic. Combining content from our inspiration platform, six-two, we've created the Contiki Packing List Alexa Skill! If you always pack too much, or too little, or never actually use any of the items you pack - this travel skill is here to help. Alexa will ask you which destination you're going to, and then she'll help you make your very own personalised packing list. So, whether you’re heading to North America’s national parks, the sun-soaked beauty of Australia or the historical cities of Europe, we’ve got the perfect packing list for you.

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