• Seen Displays

Converse’ continued innovation to renew the most iconic sneaker challenged us to re-evaluate the way we approached our traditional retail design processes and material selection. We designed and produced the launch event and retail doors for the Chuck 70 RENEW Canvas which are crafted from 100% recycled polyester from used plastic bottles. Our first step on this progressive journey with the brand was designing the campaign to eliminate any wasted material. Aside from designing with reclaimed, recycled and recyclable materials — any virgin materials were designed for repurposing. This meant giving elements multifunctionality and adaptability to be used in upcoming retail displays. From reclaimed timbers and reconstituted foams/plastics to hired equipment, we wanted to make sure every detail contributed to a renewed way of designing for retail. The Press event creative was repurposed for retail and unrequired elements were locally donated or placed back into its original cycle of life. Celebrating the scheme across multiple spaces allowed us to ensure the RENEW story was shared consistently over press, media and consumer facing channels. Press was shared widely on owned account channels and Converse globally. The pinnacle event day saw engagement elements such talks by influencers and Converse experts, customisation workshops, educational sustainable material galleries and recycling workshops making this an end to end experiential retail project for Seen Displays. This campaign is the first very exciting step of the Converse RENEW journey and we were proud to play such an established part.