• Jacobo Giquel

The research question: How might we develop recreative and interactive resorts whilst bonding with the inherent environment? In order to give an answer to this question I deepened in Copal Tulum, a sustainable luxury apart-hotel in the Mexican Yucatecan region run by Onix Living, a unusual real state corporation, and Rumba Rentals, a condominium managing company, Onix’ Sister Company. For this project I tackled UN’s Global Goal number 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, which reads: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, save, resilient and sustainable. The project is structured in a concrete way. I first developed an introduction into Tulum as a touristic hotspot analysing its geography and contemporary history to place the reader in context. Then I dive into the case study analysing the hotel itself, the construction and community. Last, I close the document with a recapping conclusion.