Copy For Nike Radio Script (D&AD)

  • Zara Bosman

How did the beautiful game become so ugly? Tasking a new generation of thinkers to combat homophobia in football.

SFX Crowd chanting support
You have one goal. You are united. Your goal is to win. Your goal is to play the best damn game of your lives. Your goal is to take names. Rock the stadium. Redefine the sport. You are warriors. You are Vikings. They will sing songs about your greatness.  
When you are out there everything else, race, sexuality, that you like your eggs sunny side up falls away.  
But what happens when you snap back to reality? 
What happens when you have to hide a part of who you are in your everyday life? 
Why do you do this? 
Because of fear. Because you think you are going to be judged. Because you don't know what it might mean. 
But snap back to when you hear the roar of the crowd. 
SFX Crowd chanting critcism
You have the ball between your feet. You have the ball. Not them. You are on the field. Not them. 
And they can say what they want but why should you care at all? 
You have power 
SFX scores goal and crowd roars approval
Be true 


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