Corporate Identity — Good Traveller

  • Samuele Di Mauro

Good Traveller is a new carbon offset provider in the local Melbourne market. They offer accessible information about carbon offsetting in Australia and ways for businesses and individuals to invest in local green projects. A logo, brand identity, and brand guidelines for Good Traveller has been created to introduce the company into the sustainable future of the Australian travelling and aviation field. They appeal to both the primary and secondary target audiences. The brand guidelines includes brand applications and style guidelines. The final brand applications includes a simple business stationery set.

Project: Corporate Identity

Needs and problems

The goal with Good Traveller is to create a trustworthy identity and logo for the new carbon offsetting provider. Initial refinement saw the development of the paper plane concept. The promise is to uphold their brand values of being transparent, professional and open with their audience.
Hyphotesis & Concept
Incorporating elements from several concepts, the brandmark was refined further and several options were presented to the client next. Each concept varied in one way or another, particularly focusing on the figure mark of the paper plane itself, and also the dashed line element.
Based on client feedback of the refined concepts, the paper plane concept seemed more engaging and "fun" but also simple enough that it appeased the corporate side of the brief.
Final Delivery
Final delivery consists of the logo design and brand identity for Good Traveler. Using unconventional colors compared to the classic greens of this industry field can allow the brand to differentiate itself from competitors by preferring another color palette.
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