COS AW21 Show, London Fashion Week 2021

On the 21st September, COS hosted a runway show as part of London Fashion Week at the Roundhouse for 200 top tier press, influencers and VIP's from the UK, EU, APAC and NA regions. It was also live streamed globally via Projecting colour, light and movement onto oversized suspended blank canvases within the unique venue, the show unified the audience in a physical and digital space, emotively drawing the curtains open to a newly launched direction for the brand. COS partnered with Bureau Betak to produce an event that put sustainability at the forefront. The components utilised to create the set and backstage elements of COS' Autumn Winter 2021 show, were either rented or donated, finding a new life. For example the stage top, curtains, and backstage carpets were donated through Event Cycle, a group who shares the brand's mission to reduce waste post event by redistributing materials to charities and the event industry. The benches upon which guests sat, stage structure and media risers were rented.