COS Coal Drops Yard Launch, London 2018

  • Olivia Kirsch
  • Helen Ritchie
  • Leona N
  • Isis Connolly

In Autumn 2018, COS unveiled a re-imagined store concept in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross which offers customers a wholly unique brand experience. This hybrid space celebrates the brand's influences from the fields of art and design, acting as a multi-functional platform which hosts works from artists as well as independent lifestyle brands and publishing houses alongside COS collections. As part of this unveiling, British designer Paul Cocksedge created a site-specific installation - a light-based work entitled Orbits that sees 6 natural rocks suspended from malleable hoops of light, fabricated from stainless steel and LED. Media, VIP's and friends of the brand joined COS at a cocktail event to celebrate the launch, during which entertainment was provided by DJ, Annie Oh.