COS x Mamou-Mani, Salone del Mobile 2019

  • Giulia Scotti
  • Arthur Mamou-Mani

For its eighth consecutive year at Salone del Mobile, COS has partnered with architect Arthur Mamou-Mani and his team to create Conifera, an installation made from 3D-printed bioplastic bricks

Flowing through the courtyard and into the gardens of Palazzo Isimbardi, a design made using 21st century technology is brought to life in a building that dates back to the 16th century. The installation looks to the future of design, tech and material innovation. An ethereal experience that bridges architecture and nature. Material innovation is achieved by harnessing new technologies: each 3D-printed brick is made from PLA – a bioplastic that is fully compostable, created using renewable resources.

Three colours are seen in the structure: the translucent sections are PLA in its purest form, whereas the white parts contain a pigment and the brown hue comes from adding wood pulp. Fir trees were the source of this wood pulp. The way cones grow naturally on these evergreen trees is reminiscent of how the bio bricks were designed, giving the installation its name: Conifera. The bricks were created through an open-source software, using parametric design to maintain structural stability while optimising the use of materials — essentially using less to achieve more.

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