Crafting found photo art piece Vertical Landscape (Past & Found Studio)

  • Rémi Lefèvre

Past & Found Studio is contemporary art & design studio creating unique pieces from found photography. Based in London and Donostia-San Sebastián, the Studio draws its inspiration from hundreds of photographs collected from all over the world. Here we present the thinking behind Vertical Landscape, one of our favourite pieces.

Creating the art piece Vertical Landscape

Landscapes feature repeteadly in our found photographs, proof that they fascinated amateurs early on. A few of our pieces celebrate thir ubiquity, from Red Planet to Desert.

The approach for this particular piece, as for every piece, came for the juxtaposition of this trio of images. Their sharp contours and hazy depth made for an intriguing contrast.

Quickly, the vertical composition was considered and discarded, then considered again. Something about lending some verticality to the innate horizontality of a panorama felt right, as a nod to the mountain ranges themselves.
The piece is an experiment on many levels, as it was our first with a bicolour passepartout. Here, it becomes an instrument of transition - from day to night, from mineral to vegetal, from solid to liquid, from strata to strata - reminiscent of a high-altitude climb. Progressive and sudden, the immobile landscape changes with each step, magnetic and visceral.

An ode to nature, an invitation to travel and a celebration of the art of viewing all at the same time, Vertical Landscape was one of these pieces which came about without haste, maturing over time from fond photo to finished art piece.

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