Creation of Meaning- Inside the books : Belonging, Identity & Sustainability

  • Ioana Simion

These three scrapbooks are the visual documentation of 'Current State of Mind' - a series of zine making workshops, designed to explore togetherness and our understanding of belonging, identity and sustainability. The scrapbooks aim to archive the sentiments and colours behind each individual who participated in the workshops and created a zine. This projects celebrates the ‘making’ - the 'scars of labour' and the perfect imperfection behind the DIY practice, as well as the attitude that fuels it.

The first scrapbook focuses on finding certain feelings of belonging.
From the yearning and longing caused by missing home to a warmer sensation felt when we are being loved by someone.
The spread ‘Between 2 Worlds’ showcases a mixed media collage of ‘Las Dos Fridas’ which incorporates stitching and sewing, in order to depict the interconnection between individuals and geographical spaces.
The second scrapbook, dedicated to ‘Identity’, is an experimentation which aims to create new sensory experiences by altering art mediums - for example, the softness of pastels with the rawness of unprocessed fabric, to communicate ideas of self-absorption.
In the third and final scrapbook, which focuses on Mother Earth and conscious behaviours, I chose to
showcase a raw, almost 'unfinished' linocut double spread, printed on recycled calico.
The ink blends into the calico in a ritual to celebrate the imperfection of the fabric and our everyday habits of being.