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  • Kitty Murphy

DA+ Katherine Scarlett Murphy is the visionary and creative behind Defectedarea; a creative, social movement aiming to enrich our perspectives on utilitarianism, minimalism, industrial practice and personal psychology, as the name suggests the brand amasses an area to 'defect or remove yourself' from, although historically perceptions lay with this movement as negative, the creative direction of DA+ bypasses such ideologies and exemplifies them as surpassing misconceived, psychological presumptions that come with art and creative direction. Katherines works have developed mostly through her fascination with sculpture, industrial design and metals. Combining this with her families passion for culture and travel, Katherine was immersed with a range of cultural heritages from a young age. Particularly developing a fascination with Malaysian embellishment and African tribal jewellery as something her family collected and learnt from, psychologically Katherines mother has always strived to challenge and stimulate her metacognitive engagement, synthesising such practices with her creative aptitude found Defectedarea later to imerge as a suitably creative outlet. Realising her creative drive and fascination with contemporary psychological stratification, Katherine has developed 'STATUS-' concept as a capsule, multi functional collection. This challenges our millennial understanding of status jewellery vs. traditional, cultural status practices. To be worn and manipulated by everyone. Jewellery collection concept: The collection is produced and distributed by Defectedarea in London, Katherine hand designs and packages every piece herself and prides her every creation as bespoke pieces unique to every individual. The pieces come in a variety of metal options; solid 925 sterling silver, steel, zinc and saturated metals. All materials are sourced ethically from conflict free zones. Every element of Defectedarea packaging is sustainably and ethically sourced, compromising of biodegradable polythene vacuum bags. This ensures the finest of quality and considerations to the wider environmental sphere, please allow up to 5 working days for delivery as each piece is hand crafted, made to order.

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