Creative Lead @Wholey Organics

  • Hannah Cunningham

Wholey are a food start in Berlin who focus on making a healthy, vegan breakfast… fun! They are a warm team with a big heart and even bigger breakfast tables - offering everything from frozen smoothie bowls to nut butters. When I started at wholey, they were still growing, looking to build the creative department - with the company expansion, much more printed design work was coming in the door. And the expansion of the social media channels meant that I could get my hands on all creative content came through the door.

I worked closely with the Head of Marketing and Founder Nicki Starr, building the creative departments and the design building blocks of Wholey. I was employed to work on designing print material, but with my strong conceptual background and skills in creative production, I pretty much ran the creative department over the first summer I was there - taking the lead on content production for social media (creative concepting, shooting & product photography), teaching interns and juniors along the way to build my support on shoots, whilst also working across essential printed assets like packaging design and POS material.
In 2021, I led the Wholey rebrand, guiding the founders through the design process and working closely with the design company (Integrity Design, Hamburg) as the in-house creative on the project.

In my time at Wholey I grew as a creative, and added many strings to my bow including: food styling, directing, photography, packaging design, artworking and producing.
Wholey is where my love of photography really flourished - albeit with a focus on food - I was allowed to be free with the content I shot, building some key brand visuals along the way.

I shot a multitude of different assets for different purposes, always concepting and shooting myself, and having a small team for food styling and studio set up. Christmas campaigns, always on photo content, product images for social media and the web store are all to name but a few things I created for the brand.

My love for photography has continued and I am now a contributor to Getty Images, and take freelance work in my spare time - my site can be seen here.
Starting in Summer 2020, the Wholey Tik Tok channel grew from 0 to hero.

I left them with 5 million likes, 150k followers, and numerous viral videos in just 7 months.
It was colorful, playful and damn right tasty!