Crocs Ramadhan Campaign

  • Nurul Mohd Sham
  • James Willsher
  • Rosaline Shahnavaz
  • Maria Maleh
  • Tasnim Nahar
  • Aisyah Octavia
  • Zeinab Saleh
  • Leah Ogilvie
  • Zoe Rose-Davies

Ramadan is a season of reflection, togetherness and celebration. Crocs wanted to capture the excitement of the moment with their limited-edition Ramadan range, putting their iconic clogs front of mind when it came to glamming up and gifting. This project had to hit all the right notes, and remain sensitive to the holiness of the occasion, so we partnered with the creative collective Muslim Sisterhood to help with casting, styling and consultancy. “Share the Joy” was our chosen concept — a visually rich territory, filled with vibrant colours and textures. The shoot told the story of friends and family coming together, with vivid, playful details, putting the clog front and centre of the fun.


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