Cultura - The plant discovery app for eccentric people

  • Adrian Van Cooten
  • Sara Abu-Hejleh

Cultura is a product that helps green fingered plant owners discover the best plants for your home, delivers them to your door and helps you look after them. The brand was the idea of the very talented graphic designer and illustrator Sara Abu-Hejleh. Sara and I designed Cultura when we were living in Hong Kong. We wanted to design a a space to help serious plant growers with an eccentric side discover content about caring and learning about their beloved plants aswell as buy new plants to suit their homes. We also wanted to inject a sense of fun and joy into the experience. Sara’s illustrations were created intentionally to feel playful and luxurious. We both worked together on the user interface, user experience and the interaction design. We worked outside in the humid heat of Hong Kong in the streets of Sheung Wan and I recall we were surrounded by lots of pot plants, so maybe that served as inspiration at the time. Check out Sara’s amazing work What do you think? Share your thoughts and don't forget to ❤️ For more Product Design, UX and UI work go to