Culture, Diplomacy, Innovation Newsletter

  • Jess Gosling
  • Noemi Bettinardi

BACKGROUND Interdisciplinary working is all around us, and it can have significant benefits in all sectors. However, sadly we increasingly find the term is often misunderstood. I wanted to shed light into the ecosystem that is interdisciplinary working. I sought to create a resource that was clear, helpful, and hopefully entertaining way by discussing the latest insights, interviews and trends. I fully believe that building expertise, learning from others and bringing together different industries is a positive thing. We often do not go outside our own industries. I've also had six-career changes and relish in the transferrable skills I've picked up along the way. Launched in May 2020. BRIEF Create a digital LinkedIn newsletter covering interdisciplinary working + curate it bi-weekly. This would focus on culture, diplomacy, innovation + everything in between. IDEA I created a simple structure of what the newsletter would include user-generated content, news as well as primary content. Using a structure that included an interview segment at the end, I was able to ensure that I was able to build quite a versatile series. SUCCESSES Through growth, marketing practises amassed 10k+ subscribers in three months.