Currency Cloud

  • darren chittock
Agency: RoosterPunk
Role: Art Director Designer
Brief To breath new life into the Currency Cloud business, we were asked to pitch a rebrand. The client was looking for a fresh and colourful approach that would stand-out in the market and be disruptive. The key to this was the cloud aspect of the business that made payments and handling transactions super fast.

Concept My approach to this brief was to start with the cloud as the central part of the design. I wanted to move away from the obvious icons of clouds and introduce the letter C from the brand into the design. I chose bright blues and a core yellow to add positivity to the design. The main photography style was based around the natural world and people in it. There was also a speed of business photography style that was introduced in emails and the digital space. I also used elements of the logo to create interesting and bold shapes that could be used instead of photography to give plenty of design options.


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