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  • Oxana Inkina

The Challenge : The creative studio VBAT set out the D&AD brief, the main focus is to re-brand the identity of local bike hire scheme in a city of my choosing. I need to demonstrate how the new identity will encourage more people to opt for bike hire, showing examples of why the person should opt for bike hire from other options through a demonstration of the sort of experiences they can gain from it. The Proposal : I decided to create a new bike hire scheme which will be based in London, I am going to create a name and logo for the new bike hire scheme, with an example of a bike wrap design and a prototype app design. The main focus is to show how the identity will stand out from the rest of the schemes and encourage tourists and locals to ride. I looked at how I can encourage a person to use the services by highlighting the different in time that it takes to get from point A to B. The app contains hire services, the user can locate and unlock a bike, input their own route or pick a routes which are available in the app, each route is meant to show the best of the city.

Colour Scheme

Colours which represent the brand, set of colours which also complement each other and stand out against the dark shades of the city.

Design Elements

Creating background designs of a pattern and London map, to be used for branding

Final Logo Design

Combining designs and creating the final logo design with and without a personalised backdrop of the map of London.
An example of a route through Hyde Park, with the start and end points. It also highlights areas which are great for photos along the route.

Bike Wrap Mockup

A mockup of a bike wrap, implementing bike logo and pattern without and with a background.

Bus stop mock up, aimed at people using public transport

High Street mockup ad, promoting the bike app service
Wayfinding Street Map

A navigation system of a wayfinding system for a selction of routes in an area of London. It contain a coloured set of routes, the main network and the final stop on the route. There are details on where are the next docking station for the bike, the photo opportunity spot which could be a historic site or a visually creative space. It also provides information on bike lanes, ensuring that the cyclist is practicing safe cycling on the roads.
Mock up of a flag which can be used to direct cyclist to a docking station and for advertisement.

Cycle London App

The application screen design

The app was design to be used for hire of bikes and more information on the service. The target audience come from all backgrounds , so the app needs to be easy to use and navigate throughout. I used the pieces of design work which was made earlier, this way the branding is constant and the same throughout and can be easier to identity by users.

Tutorial Screens

A prototype of the introduction screens with four steps to using the app.

Screen Before and After Action

The home screen and Find screen and how the screen will look when an option is selected

Navigation Screen

The navigation screen with the function when the user selects the 'Go' button to start cycling the route.
A prototype of the app with basic run through of screen as shown above.

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