• Abbie Hooton-McPhee
For this years D&AD, I chose the Dropbox brief which was to create a graphic outcome using paper. I decided to focus on animal testing with Body Shop and created shop windows and an interactive paper aid in store for fundraising and awareness.
The shop windows would be full of origami nodding dogs, a way of showing that the animals are actually the ones suffering and need a voice through their owners.
In-store, I designed some collar tags that went around every bottled product that could be put on your own pets collar, then an image shared on instagram to raise awareness.
There were also some little leaflets with facts about animal testing, which folded up into a dogs head. This would then get put into a big bowl in the shop window and was a way of showing how many people are signing up against animal testing. This was a fun idea of making people sign up to protesting through interaction.