Abbie Hooton-McPhee

Abbie Hooton-McPhee

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Abbie Hooton-McPhee

Abbie Hooton-McPhee

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am an enthusiastic designer straight out of uni, keen to put my mark on the industry. I feel that my knowledge has improved since I started learning graphic design but I am a quick learner and still learn new tips and tricks everyday. I love anything editorial but if I am given a project, I sink my teeth into it straight away to get the best outcome possible
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    PDF Portfolio
  • D&AD
    D&ADFor this years D&AD, I chose the Dropbox brief which was to create a graphic outcome using paper. I decided to focus on animal testing with Body Shop and created shop windows and an interactive paper aid in store for fundraising and awareness. The shop windows would be full of origami nodding dogs, a way of showing that the animals are actually the ones suffering and need a voice through their owners. In-store, I designed some collar tags that went around every bottled product that could be put on your own pets collar, then an image shared on instagram to raise awareness. There were also some little leaflets with facts about animal testing, which folded up into a dogs head. This would then get put into a big bowl in the shop window and was a way of showing how many people are signing up against animal testing. This was a fun idea of making people sign up to protesting through interaction.
  • Book Cover
    Book CoverThis cover was made for a book written by a family friend. I decided to use wooden letters which I painted white, then made some fake blood and flicked it all over them. The effect worked really well along with the pavement floor as the background, it tied in with the overall story of the book.
  • Vinyl Cover Sam Smith
    Vinyl Cover Sam SmithThis vinyl cver was created using only Adobe Illustrator. We had to pick an object that linked to the album itself and then draw it in Illustrator and make a cover from it. I picked a watch as it is related to the album with the passing of time and heartbreak. This got me to grips with Illustrator and developed my skills massively.
  • Hangover Hungry?
    Hangover Hungry?My FMP at uni, this was a sort of follow on from my Crumbs magazine. I wanted food to be involved and I decided to go with the subject of hangovers. In this book there are recipes that should help to improve a hangover, with a certain food being the core of each meal e.g. eggs for breakfast. Within the recipes are drunken stories that are funny (not to the people they happened to) and there are also some fun quotes throughout about hangovers and drinking. There are also some fun little tests that will check to see if your brain is functioning enough to be allowed into the kitchen with sharp things and hot things.
  • The Bar Hopper
    The Bar HopperThis was a book I created after having to pick a London borough and creating a book on it. I chose the City and decided to do a review type book on the bars and pubs that are there. I focused on certain ones, old fashioned pubs mixed with new cocktail bars, to truly represent the old and new of the City. It turned into a blogger type review book, with people's honest opinions aswell as mine and a heck of a lot of photography!
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Work history
    Communications CoordinatorFai automotive
    Leighton Buzzard, United KingdomFull Time
    This is a graphic design job where I am doing varying jobs daily. I work on bulletins, leaflets, posters, catalogue design, photography and video work mostly. I send out a weekly update using an email marketing service, of which I create the content. I deal with the website, uploading and updating content as well as any queries put through regarding subscriptions
    Sales ExecutiveThe Institute of Directors
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Sales executive role managing bookings for meetings and events. It was a highly pressured role which I loved. I also created presentations for the company, as well as invitations and leaflets to go out to the members
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    BAMiddlesex University
     - London, United Kingdom
    I studied Graphic Design for three years and will be graduating in July, but very keen to gain experience whilst working and I am a very quick learner.