D&AD Barclays - Goode

  • Megan Fry

Challenge: How can Barclays help vulnerable customers with mental health issues manage their money better? Insight: Life is an unpredictable journey that we all experience differently. When this has a negative impact on how we manage our mental and financial wellbeing, we can all feel a bit vulnerable. Especially if the advice from banks feels too generalised, how can we know what advice will suit our needs best? Solution: Goode - Mindful banking for when it matters most. An app created by Barclays made for everyone. With the help of AI technology, Goode analyses your patterns of behaviours to provide free daily advice on how to personally achieve a balanced wellbeing. To support and adapt to your needs accordingly, Goode encourages daily mindfulness tasks such as logging how you’re feeling and taking steps towards improving your financial wellness. This helps you to be more prepared for when it matters most.

Goode uses the wing of Barclays eagle to suggest fluctuating patterns of behaviour. This emphasises the mindful approach towards balancing our mental and financial wellbeing by being in control of our own wave.
To become more mindful, Goode strives to listen and support you towards better predicting your future spending habits. This aims to achieve positive financial health during unpredictable episodes of decreased mental health to ensure your basic needs are protected.
Rather than talking about the need for positive change, Goode takes proactive steps towards achieving this for everyone. Communicated across multiple touch points, Goode uses these three key statements to convey the benefits of this app by taking them on a journey.


Work in Progress -
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