D&AD New Blood Hellmann's - Buy One Get or Gift One Free

  • Maddy Russell
  • Lily Arundell

This was a group project entered into the D&AD New Blood Awards 2018, for which we won an award. The concept is around reducing food waste and was in partnership with Hellmann's. Buy One Get or Gift One Free (BOGOGOF) is a UK-based scheme aiming to combat food waste whilst simultaneously striving to solve world hunger. Buy One Get One Free offers are a leading contributor as to why 15 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK each year. The world’s starving population could be fed on ¼ of food wasted by consumers. Our solution was Buy One Get or Gift One Free, a scheme in which food essentials have a BOGOGOF sticker on instead of Buy One Get One Free. Customers choose to ‘get’ or ‘gift’ items; keeping the free item or ‘gifting’ it to the scheme where it can be donated to families in need. Therefore combatting food waste. The full campaign video can be seen here - https://www.dandad.org/awards/new-blood/2018/bound-method-entryget_brief_title-of-entry-buy-one-get-or-gift-one-free/3269/buy-one-get-or-gift-one-free/