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At the end of 2018, we were approached by the incredible DesignStudio team to work with our artist Daggers For Teeth on some of the illustrative aspects of their rebranding for the world famous Riot Games: League of Legends European league (now known as LEC). DFT was asked to create 5 graphic texture designs, and 141 character designs, all of which can also be easily animated for usage across all media PR. From DesignStudio: Professional gaming is exploding. With millions of people able to experience esport simultaneously around the world, it’s emerging into the mainstream. Riot has helped make esports massive with League of Legends; developing one of the world’s most successful games, as well as broadcasting and running global competitions. Riot want to create the world’s most engaged esports league, and our challenge was to reimagine the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS). The European competition needed a new identity to set it apart from its North American counterpart and push it beyond traditional sport clichés. Alongside a new name ‘League of Legends European Championship’ or ‘LEC.’ for short, we have created a fresh new identity, broadcast package and influenced parts of the set design. Our new logo captures ‘Unleash Together’ – an explosion of triumph and celebration. The two sides represent the two competing teams, coming together as one symbol to depict the league’s arena and crown. Our wider graphic language is inspired by League of Legends’ explosive energy and the clash of teams, fans and cultures in our league. -To read more from DesignStudio, please click here to be taken to their end of project report: https://design.studio/work/lec (C&P)

Together with DesignStudio, Daggers For Teeth, created five graphic textures that reference different energies in the game: Rush, Surge, Strike, Blaze, and Blast. They can be used as bold backgrounds, or paired up to clash and contrast.
Daggers For Teeth was also asked to create a set of 141 bespoke illustrations for each League of Legends' champions, inspired by tattoo flash, which add another playful element to the brand’s visual language. These illustrations can be used in merch and be worn by fans with pride.
Artist: Daggers For Teeth
Art Direction & Team: Eric Ng, Daisy Grice, Paul Irwin, & Charlie Hocking at DesignStudio
Client: RiotGames - League Of Legends EU (LEC)
Date: December 2018
All video & images unless specified have been provided by DesignStudio.

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