Side Hustle/ Film

Dam - now streaming on NOWNESS

  • Kat Chan

In 2019, I went to St Moritz with director Samuel Bradley to make a film about horse racing on a frozen lake. What emerged instead was a peek into the world of Julie Hossman and ‘natural horsemanship’. Julie, with her deeply resonant voice and effortless physicality, teaches a technique that shuns unnecessary force, adopting the principles of ‘a kinder, gentler cowboy.’ The film is named Dam, which—in equine terms—means mother of the horse. Excited for you to watch Dam, now live on NOWNESS: ⁣ Directed by SAMUEL BRADLEY A NOIR Production Creative Producer KAT CHAN Director of Photography HUNTER DALY Focus Puller RUPERT HORNSTEIN Loader JOSEFINE THIEME Editor MATT KITCHIN Colourist JASON WALLIS at Electric Theatre Collective Post Producer OLIVER WHITWORTH Sound Design MATT KITCHIN and SAMUEL BRADLEY SFX by NO8 Sound Engineering OLLIE USHER Sound Production BARNY WRIGHT Graphic Design WOLFE HALL ⁣While you’re here: Short of the Week estimates that directors will spend an average of $1,537 on festival submissions. With festivals currently suspended, this sum has been re-allocated as a donation to CHAYN ( - a volunteer & survivor-led project empowering women & non-binary people facing violence. We hope to raise awareness for CHAYN — especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen a significant rise in domestic violence. UK’s largest domestic abuse charity, Refuge, has reported a 700% increase in calls to its helpline in a single day, while the World Health Organisation reported up to a 60% increase in calls to worldwide domestic abuse helplines. Follow @chaynhq to learn more about their phenomenal work and donate if you’re in a position to do so.