Dark Valentine

  • Elif Gurbuz

Print | 2018 Dark Valentine is a series of postcards designed to be merchandised as part of Muk Design's stationery line. These seasonal postcards were designed for the upcoming Valentine's Day, 2018, but with a dark twist that goes hand in hand with the brand's unique tone of voice. The series composes of 8 A6 sized postcards. Each postcard blends a handwritten typographic arrangement with photographic elements. Apart from their visual designs, the copy on each piece was also written by me. Dark Valentine series was printed as a limited-edition by MOO.com on their 600 gsm luxe postcards and sold online and at Muk's stockists. Limited edition postcards inspired by the Valentine's Day spirit. Embrace your tainted love stories and dark romantic tendencies with these bold love postcards. Creep the crap out of an innocent young soul with your intense love confessions. Grab your pack of your Dark Valentine, lick your stamps wet and put your love, lust, or hate on paper. Client: Muk Design