David M Robinson brand refresh

David M Robinson is an award winning jeweller based in Liverpool with 7 stores UK wide. They are one of the few authentic British brands to design, make and retail their own collections. Feeling like a tired high street jeweller our job was to shift the brand into the luxury space they belonged.
We built the storytelling around the life cycle of love and emotional connections. DMR are there for every occasion from getting engaged to getting married to having a first child to reaching an anniversary milestone - or just when you feel like you want a new piece of jewellery. We cast a real couple for the fashion shoot to ensure a true connection was captured and we made a short film documenting the passion and attention to detail of the goldsmiths at work. We produced brochures, a new e-commerce website, window displays, new packaging, a monogram and 2 short films.
(All work completed while at Curious)

Team Credits

Lou Desborough

  • Message
  • Creative Director/Graphic Designer/Art Director

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