Days of Night

  • Sara Balestrieri
  • Alaska Agneta Stikova

uring summer 2019, I started working as a costume designer on the project "Days of Night", a short movie realized by the master students of Kino Eyes. The film was shooted in October. I was in charge of styling the two characters with different looks and making three costumes. This project was shortlisted on the Female Film Fund and it has been chosen from a record 1300 applications to figure among the 11 finalists, all centered around strong women protagonists. The story is a fantastical coming of age, focused on a 17-year-old Elis, living for years in a town without sunlight. Sees her community falling apart, she must decide whether it is time to go, even if it means leaving the most important person in her life behind.

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    Edinburgh Napier University

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      Kino Eyes