Dear Grandma

  • Gemma Shrimpton

'Dear Grandma', a collaborative project to make an illustration book aimed at children. The project started in March 2017 and concluded in 2018. Amy Selby, Rebecca Wilkinson, Sarah Hannaford, Erica Tang, Tom Frost and myself co-designed the children's book. Originally the book was meant to be entered into a competition, but soon we realised that to get the book to the quality we wanted we would have to spend more time than was given on it. The book was entered into the following years' competition, was shortlisted and then self-published. The book presents a young girl, Sammy, and her Grandpa. Sammy finds herself writing a letter to her Grandma who has passed away, describing how she used her day to make her Grandpa happy. After her Grandpa read a book about flowers Sammy travels to another world to find her Grandma's favourite flower to give to him. The story ends with her Grandpa being happy and treasuring the flower, while Sammy finishes her letter with an 'x'.