Dechox- Giving up Chocolate

Dechox is a nationwide challenge set up by BHF to give up chocolate throughout the month of February. Anything with cocoa in it is off limits - from the sprinkles on a cappuccino, to that 3pm chocolate bar. The challenge then helps to raise sponsorship through friends, family and colleagues when someone takes part. This then helps funds life saving research into heart and circulatory conditions.

The website developed in house by the BHF Digital Team enables participants to sign up and donate the funds raised to the BHF's life-saving research in a few easy clicks.
If you have signed up to Dechox previously, you'll notice that the site looks and feels different. We've applied our new brand identity to the campaign, as well as making the sign-up and donation process as seamless as possible across devices.
Although built by the Digital Team, the creation of this microsite is truly a collaborative effort. Fundraising, Digital Marketing and Digital Content & Experiences have been key in creating content, designing and displaying the information in a user-friendly way, and creating a truly rounded experience for participants - from the 'Thank you for signing up' email to motivational messages throughout the dechox to help them make it through.
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*This has been posted on behalf of Digital colleagues - I didn't actually work on this one!*