Degree show work (2020) - Raised in these tenement walls - Earrings

  • Hayley Irving

My degree show work was inspired by growing up in a derelict area of Glasgow in a tenement with 3 generations of women. My mum and my gran always had a can do attitude no matter how hard the situation got and my work is aimed to showcase them and all the other hard working tenement women. "Raised in these tenement walls" - Earrings "They say if you're fae Posso you're nothing but bad news, but i was raised in these tenement walls and I am proud. Strong and sturdy the tenements on Saracen street have been standing since the 19th century and as soon as you walk through that red front door you are home and safe. Just don't come in the close on a Friday night or Granny Marion will chase you oot"