Degree show work 2020 - "There's nae men roon here" book

  • Hayley Irving

My degree show work was inspired by growing up in a derelict area of Glasgow in a tenement with 3 generations of women. My mum and my gran always had a can do attitude no matter how hard the situation got and my work is aimed to showcase them and all the other hard working tenement women My work was also heavily based around story telling and memories, for this I put together a book which was designed to show the memories of living in a Glasgow tenement flat from the perspective of three different generations. I wanted share the memories good and bad in a way in which you would feel as though you experienced this with us. I created a questionnaire, which I gave to my mum and gran consisting of twelve questions . I was unsure how the questions were going to be answered and only found out when I gathered the information back. Each question also has a corresponding picture which takes you through our lives at 194 Saracen Street. Link to book :